In addition to offering professional and robust hardware solutions, Eutronix also offers additional solutions for optimal professional and mobile use.

Montage oplossingen voor voertuigen en voor retail omgevingen

Mounting solutions

Implementing (mobile) devices means for many applications that the devices should be installed in a safe, robust and shock-free and vibrant manner in your work environment.

With the wide range of mounting systems, there is a mounting solution for almost every conceivable application where you can connect your device. Whether you are looking for a suitable solution for your truck, ambulance and / or fire truck, forklift, scooter, boat, office, warehouse …


Carrying Solutions

Customized wearable solutions that are stable and easy to use. These wearable solutions are designed to make sure the user has one or two hands free. It allows you to perform your work more effectively and productively. For example, leather (custom-made) leather holsters / bags, carry harnesses for specific Tablet PCs and clip-on attachments on the back of your mobile device.


Opberg kast om devices in op te laden

Multi Device Charging Station

A Charging Station is the perfect solution for large and medium sized companies that want to store and charge a large number of mobile devices. The closets are lockable, which prevents a lotof annoyances, such as misplaced, lost or damaged mobile devices. The cabinet has an active cooling system, which reduces the risk of hardware failures and improves battery life.


  • Devices are charged via the rugged Pogo pin connector
  • Ergonomic design
  • Devices are stored safely and correctly
  • Lockable cabinet prevents lost and misplaced devices
  • The integrated cooling system prevents hardware malfunctions
  • Improved battery life of the mobile devices
  • Reduces the number of power sockets required significantly
  • It is possible to integrate a router or local hotspot into the cabinet


Cow, een computer op wielen speciaal voor de gezondheidszorg

Mobile Workplace

The mobile workplace is designed for the care and warehouse / production environments and are ideal for mobilizing or assembling computers, laptops and tablets. With the mobile workplace, you’re making your computer a Computer on Wheels (COW). A COW is a mobile computer that allows nurses and doctors to enter patient data directly into the EPD or gives warehouse and production staff the opportunity to retrieve and send information directly.

* Note: All equipment (Computers, Keyboards, Mice, Needle Containers, Scanners and Wireless Antennas) are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.