Product information

Unitech RG760

The RG760 features an easy-to-operate and sled design with UHF RFID data collection that is easily for users to attach the PA760 to the RG760 sled and get ready for both barcode and RFID/UHF reading solutions.

Looking for a durable solution for quick scanning and tagging inventory?
The Unitech RG760 is a great new add-on for the PA760 rugged mobile computer.

Empowering PA760 for RFID/UHF applications
Equipped with the intuitive and easy-to-use handheld sled design, just attach the PA760 on RG760 and it's ready for both barcode and UHF RFID reading solutions.

Warehousing/In-store inventorying at its best

The RG760 delivers the ability to read major RFID tags including EPC Class1 Gen2 V2 standards. Besides, this device is capable to read 750 tags per second and users are able to read RFID tags up to 6 meters. The RG760 is a lightweight UHF RFID reader and it offers an easy way for users to streamline the work process in various applications.
It delivers fast inventory control on warehouse shelves, pallets, or supply chain, manufacturing, and asset management applications.

Key features Unitech RG760

  • Suitable for Unitech PA760
  • Reading range > 6 meter (750 tags p/ second)
  • Switch between Barcode & RFID (Button)
  • RFID Engine : M6e-Micro (RAIN RFID supported)
  • 1.2 meter droptest / 355 grams


Brand: Unitech
Model: RG760
Type: RFID Gun
Compatible Host Devices: Unitech PA760
Standard Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects
Extended Warranty /
Service contracts:
For full warranty options please contact your sales representative

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 147.1 (L) * 74.5 (W) * 158.1 (H) mm
Weight: 218g (without terminal)
Keypad: Trigger
Battery: -

Data Capture

RFID: Read Rate : 750 tags/sec
Read Range : 6+ meter
Storage : 512KB

User Environment

IP-rating: IP52
Droptest: 1,5m
Military Standard: -
Vibration: -
Shock: -
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -30°C to 60°C
Humidity: -
Unitech PA760<BR>1 slot charging cradle

Unitech PA760
1 slot charging cradle

Unitech PA760<BR>1 slot charging cradle + ethernet

Unitech PA760
1 slot charging cradle + ethernet