The RuggON PA-501 is very suitable for all environments due to its rugged specifications. This is not only applicable to the tablet itself but also to the accessories such as the vehicle docking. With this rugged vehicle docking, the tablet can be placed in a shock-resistant manner in a forklift truck or at a production line. The vehicle docking also has various I/O ports for connecting external equipment (such as Barcode Scanners) or external WiFi antennas.

The RuggON PA-501 has a 1000 NITS display for optimum brightness and sunlight readability, but it also has a special night mode. The advanced touch technology makes it possible to use the tablet with fingers, gloves, stylus pen and in the rain.

A wide range of connection options is provided in the RuggON PA-501, including WLAN 802.1 ac with 2 x 2 MU-MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0 and 4G LTE (dual SIM). There is also the possibility for an integrated 2D Barcode Scanner (fully integrated in the tablet and not as an add-on module) and add-on modules in the form of a Fingerprint Reader and Smartcard / EID card + NFC module.


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