The Point Mobile PM85 is the latest mobile device with Android 8 for the Enterprise Mobility platform. It has been completely redesigned to meet the strict criteria of Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) program, a Google-led initiative that helps companies to select, implement and manage Android devices and services for their specific business needs with certainty. With a powerful Snapdragon Octa-Core processor at 1,8 GHz, up to 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and two different barcode scanner engine options, the PM85 reflects Point Mobile’s expertise in business mobility from years of industry experience. For optimal communication options, the PM85 has 4G LTE, VoIP, PTT and Fast Roaming WiFi communication, which ensures optimal connection between the various WiFi access points.

Point Mobile PM85 – Specifications

– Android 8.1 Oreo
– 5 inch display
– 1.8 GHz Octa Core CPU
– 2.900/5.800mAh hot swap battery
– 5 Megapixel front Camera
– 13 Megapixel rear Camera
– USB type C charging
– Optional 4G LTE
– WiFi Fast Roaming
– VoIP / Push to Talk
– 1D/2D Barcode Scanner
– Optional HF (NFC) / UHF RFID
– IP-67 rating with 1.8m droptest

Android Enterprise Recommended

With “Android Enterprise Recommended” it becomes easy for companies to select, implement and manage Android devices and services that meet higher business requirements validated by Google.

– Developed on the basis of minimum requirements such as Ruggedness (IP rating & droptest) and performance (RAM, ROM, CPU)
– Extra long service life, long product availability and guaranteed security updates available
– Software tools provided (from Android 8) for zero touch enrollment

The Point Mobile PM85 is certified by Google and part of the “Android Enterprise Recommended” program.

Emkit – Enterprise Mobility Kit

EmKit is Point Mobile’s value-added service kit engineered for the pure benefit of system integrators. It supports the utilization, solution development, and secure management of your business devices. It is provided free of charge and is pre-installed on all our Android-based devices of Point Mobile.

What is Direct Clone & Scan2Set?
When customers manage multiple devices in their enterprises, Point Mobile’s unique provisioning solution can help maximize productivity and minimize resources to prepare their devices.

  • Direct Clone provides a powerful way to transfer the configurations of a master device to one or more client devices without needing to connect to a network.
  • Scan2Set provides a simplified and quick way to stage multiple devices with a single scan of a QR code just out of the box.

Both tools can clone the device settings, applications, etc., and eliminate the need to configure devices individually.


QMOSS Service contracts

– Certified European Service Center
– Service contracts with full coverage on the hardware
– Contracts for 3, 4 and 5 years
– Guaranteed return time
– Repairs will be carried out locally
– Professional service portal with 24/7 insight into repairs / support requests

Frequently asked questions

At the launch of the Point Mobile PM85:

Will the OS be upgraded on PM85?
Yes, there will be upgrades (including security patches) to newer versions of Android. The current plan includes major OS upgrades up until Android 9.

Does the extended 5800mAh battery require a separate battery cover?
If PM85 is equipped with the extended battery by factory, the extended battery cover is already included in the box. If you decide to upgrade to the extended battery after purchasing PM85, it is required to replace the standard battery cover against the extended version. Please contact your sales representative for further details.

Is the Point Mobile PM80 going to be replaced by the Point Mobile PM85?
No, the Point Mobile PM80 will stay available until at least 2020 and will then be replaced by the PM90. We can still service the Point Mobile PM80 for multiple years, even after the End-of-Life (EOL) announcement will take place in the future.

Can the Dual Slot Cradles be connected to each other?
Yes, up to three Dual Slot Cradles can be connected to each other for charging up to six devices simultaneously while only one power supply is required for all devices.

Are there programmable keys on the Point Mobile PM85?
Yes, there are eight programmable keys on the PM85. These can be assigned to an application of your choice through the Emkit software.

Does the Point Mobile PM85 use the standard SDK (Software Development Kit) by Google?
Yes, for most applications the standard SDK by Google is sufficient. For further implementation and developing, Point Mobile developed their own SDK.

Which charging options does the Point Mobile PM85 offer?
There are various charging options available: Single Slot Cradle, Dual Slot Cradle (can charge up to six devices simultaneously when connected to each other) and 4 Slot Battery Charger (for charging batteries only). The PM85 can also be charged using the USB-C type cable which is standard delivered inside the box.

What is the lead time of the Point Mobile PM85?
Without a forecast from our partners, the lead time could increase up to 4 – 6 weeks. Go4Mobility expects to be able to deliver this product from stock during the coming months (from June / July). For projects it is advisable to contact your sales representative in time to submit a forecast.


View specifications

View the specifications of the Point Mobile PM85 here