Make A Wish Easter promotion

15 April 2020, Bosschenhoofd

After a number of successful editions, Eutronix will again participate in the Make A Wish Easter promotion in 2020!

From now on, and while supplies last, you will receive a bag of Easter eggs with every order!

By participating in this Easter campaign with the non-profit organization Make A Wish, children with very serious illnesses, sometimes even life-threatening, are helped by making their biggest wishes come true.

The motto of Make A Wish is therefore: “If a child can believe that his wish comes true, he can also believe that he is getting better”.


The story of Make A Wish:
Research shows that realizing a dearest wish gives young patients and their environment hope and confidence again, and has a lasting impact. A wish fulfillment does not come about by itself. It is a carefully planned Wish Journey. A special process that takes a large group of people for months and that is custom-made from A to Z. And that has an impact from the moment of acquaintance until long after the wish fulfillment. In this way we make memories together that last a lifetime.

We do everything we can to fulfill as many wishes as possible. We do not do this alone. We cannot do this alone. Our story is not just any story. It is a story of all the stories of children with a serious, sometimes even life-threatening illness. From caring volunteers, parents, hospitals and business partners who together pull out all the stops to make the impossible unforgettable. From months of preparation, looking forward to carefree moments with family and memories. By being part of an unforgettable Wish Journey, the child gets a positive boost. In this way, children and the people around them find new strength to enter the future more strongly.

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