The new M3 Mobile UL20 features a unique combination of 4G LTELong Range Barcode Scanner and Android 8.1 and is one of the first devices on the market that can read 1D / 2D barcodes up to both near and extremely long distances (from 7,6 cm up to 21.4 meters), anytime and anywhere connected with the desired connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth or 4G LTE and is running on Android (8.1) operating system. Besides the physical (alpha) numeric keypad, this device also has a large 5 inch Full HD display which can also be operated with gloves, and a stylus pen, even when there is rain / water on the screen. The M3 UL20 continues to function fully at a temperature of up to -30 degrees celsius and can therefore also be used in, for example, a cool / freezing cell.

M3 Mobile UL20 Specifications

– Android 8.1
– 5 inch Full HD display
– 2.2 GHz Octa Core CPU
– Physical (Alpha)Numeric Keypad
– 6.700mAh hot swappable battery
– 16 Megapixel Camera
– USB type C charging
– Optional 4G LTE
– 1D/2D Barcode Scanner
– Long Range Scanner (Zebra SE4850)
* Reading range from 7,6cm to 21,4m!
– IP-67 rating and 2m droptest
– Operating temperature: -30°C – 60°C

M3 Mobile UL20F (Frozen): High performance in the coldest environments

De M3 Mobile Ul20 also has a special ‘Frozen‘ configuration for use under extreme conditions. This special model can be used at temperatures up to -30°C. This model also has a special Wet Touch screen and can also be operated with gloves and / or a stylus pen.


QMOSS Service Contracts:

– Certified European Service Center
– Various brands: Point Mobile, M3 Mobile, Bluebird, Gen2Wave, etc.
– Service contracts with full coverage of the hardware
– Contracts for 3, 4 and 5 years
– Guaranteed return time
– Repairs are carried out locally


More information about the M3 Mobile UL20?

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