SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobility Management solution for protecting and managing Apple, iOS, Windows and Android devices.

Eutronix has been a specialist partner of SOTI MobiControl in the Benelux for 10 years and therefore provides absolute added value in implementing SOTI in your business environment.

Knowledge & advice, Dutch support and favorable prices for partners.

SOTI Mobicontrol

Your employees and devices are always up to date

  • Remote support features for remotely managing mobile devices (remote viewing and managing, file synchronization, 2-way chat) to recognize and resolve issues adequately.
  • Kiosk Mode to allow the user to access only the necessary applications with the purpose of allowing the device and the employee to run safely and productively.
  • Configure the connection (3G / 4G, WiFi & VPN) automatically to ensure that the user is always able to communicate securely from anywhere.

Content and application management

SOTI MobiControl provides users with a complete set of mobile content and application management tools.

  • SOTI-hub is a secure content management application that makes it easy for companies to control and manage important files and documents.
  • SOTI surf is a secure mobile browser with configurable features and security settings that offer each company unique support.
  • Installation over-the-air, configuration, updates, and removal of applications from your corporate or public App Store.



SOTI MobiControl

Deployment and roll-out

Easy rollout by setting your business settings in advance and then simply rolling it out on all devices.

  • Accelerated roll-out by using the Barcode scanner or NFC in the device to scan your pre-assembled settings and automatically configure the device.
  • Devices directly provided with profiles (configuration sets) and packages (application sets).


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