QMOSS believes that companies have to do what they do best. The core activities of your business is how your company beats the competition. Making use of computers, printers and a multitude of mobile devices, enable you to work more efficiently. Managing all those devices, to be efficient, secure and up-to-date requires a lot of time and that is where EMM comes in to help you.

But even setting up and maintaining your EMM, which in some cases can be very complicated, is not part of those core activities and therefore QMOSS EMM helps you do it. With the help of the QMOSS EMM service you can focus on what’s most important.

Make it easy with QMOSS EMM

Eutronix is a partner of QMOSS EMM, a powerful enterprise mobility management service based on SOTI Mobicontrol. One of the most trusted Enterprise Mobility Management software packages in the world and the solution for your device management.

QMOSS helps you set up and maintain your SOTI Mobicontrol environment. You will be supported by 2nd line support staff in the Dutch, Engelish or German language.

All QMOSS EMM servers are hosted under supervision of QMOSS trained personell. Making sure uptime, performance and security is top-priority.

You will receive detailed reports about the status of your devices so you can pro-actively act upon changes, to make sure your infrastructure remains efficient, secure and up-to-date.

Contact us on +31 (0) 76 – 52 45 330 – info@eutronix.nl or request a quote.

Features QMOSS EMM

  • Automatically provides over-the-air device settings for email, WiFi, VPN, content and enterprise applications based on user, role, location, and features of the device.
  • QMOSS EMM offers live, real-time remote support with fastest, most reliable remote viewing, remote control and file explorer for Android and Windows devices. External view and advanced device management is available for iOS devices.
  • QMOSS EMM’s quick provisioning with MobiControl Stage helps your employees speed up mobile device deployment with less effort.
  • QMOSS EMM provides the industry tightest integration with connected printers and other IoT (Internet or Things) endpoints, minimizing downtime with the ability to configure, manage and support new remote devices.


  • QMOSS EMM offers two options to deliver secure content anywhere and always; SOTI hub (app-based) and SOTI’s Secure Content Library (MobiControl Agent-based). Both options include a simplified configuration, flexible management policy and rugged security.
  • Kiosk Mode with configurable lockdown policy allowing administrators to block usage of the operating system by replacing the home screen device with a customizable screen that restrict users to select only the applications of your choosing.
  • If a device is lost or stolen, IT administrators or even the user can locate, lock or wipe the device, making sure your sensitive company data will not get into the wrong hands.
  • No matter what brand, model or operating system, QMOSS EMM makes mobility management easy.

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