42gears Suremdm Mobile Device Management

42Gears SureMDM

SureMDM of 42Gears is an extensive but very simple and intuitive solution for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, giving a central overview of all connected devices. SureMDM allows you to remotely manage all mobile devices.


42Gears Surelock

42Gears Surelock

Organizations with mobile workers need secure devices to ensure responsible use, improve productivity, and reduce maintenance costs. SureLock adds your smartphones, tablets, and other devices in a secure kiosk mode to make sure that your user can only approach the needed applications.


42Gears Surefox

42Gears SureFox

When implementing mobile web applications, security is an important criteria for success. However, the problem is often that users can use the web browser to visit websites that are not allowed. SureFox disables these features, deactivates the regular browser and prevents the free use of the Internet. Surefox creates a secure browser environment for mobile devices and desktops.


42Gears SureVideo

42Gears SureVideo locks Android and iOS devices to play only media files. A simple yet powerful digital signage solution. Install SureVideo, approach the (password protected) settings, choose media files you want to play in lockdown mode and the device is ready to be used as a video playback kiosk in a mall, office, store, etc.

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