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Since the introduction of its own product line in 2013, Point Mobile has become an important player in the world of smart Mobility and Auto-ID solutions. Where in the years before (2006-2013) it had a full focus on OEM / ODM business (for brands such as Honeywell, Casio and Datalogic), the product portfolio has now evolved into a complete range of robust handheld terminals, PDAs, payment terminals, RFID readers, barcode scanners and smartphones.


Product updates for 2021

Point Mobile PM85 and Point Mobile PM45

With thousands of devices in the field, we can now label the Point Mobile PM85 and Point Mobile PM45 as very successful Android devices for a wide range of vertical markets. The Point Mobile PM85 series and PM45 will remain available (many configurations from stock) and have been supplied with Android 9 as standard for some time. Customers who wish to upgrade from Android 7 or 8 to Android 9 can contact Eutronix for the procedure. These devices will also remain available in 2021.

Point Mobile PM451

The Point Mobile PM451 has now been mass-produced for 2 months. Just like the most recent devices from Point Mobile, this is also an Android Enterprise Recommended device. The Point Mobile PM451 is with a MU-MIMO WiFi module, three different keypad layouts, three types of scan engines (1D laser: Zebra SE965 / 2D imager: Honeywell N6703 / Long Range: Honeywell EX30) and the possibility for a 4G LTE module the partner for logistics environments. It is also unique that the camera is positioned next to the scan engine, practical for environments where both scanning activities and taking photos (for example damage to packages) are part of the logistics process.

Major Android OS upgrades PM90 and PM451

Both the Point Mobile PM451 and the Point Mobile PM90 will receive a Major OS upgrade (from Android 9 to Android 11) in Q3 2021. The Point Mobile PM90 is classified within the high-end segment of rugged full-touch Android PDAs and will continue to be a runner in the Eutronix product range in 2021.

Point Mobile PM66 end of Life

The Point Mobile PM66 (which is frequently used for warehouse, retail and field service applications) has been declared end of life. The last order option is on April 30, 2021. The Point Mobile PM66 will be replaced by the Point Mobile PM67 which will be available in Q3 / Q4 of 2021. Identical in form factor but with a faster CPU and higher Android version (Android 11).

Accessories from the current PM66 are compatible with the new PM67. Spare parts availability for the Point Mobile PM66 is guaranteed for 5 years. Repairs can be carried out by the QMOSS repair center until July 31, 2026.


Point Mobile PM30

The Point Mobile PM30 will be available in mass production in April. A very handy and lightweight terminal for retail, healthcare and hospitality applications. The Point Mobile PM30 is (like the PM90) equipped with the high quality Snapdragon 660 CPU and comes standard with Android 10. Configurations are available in both a WiFi only version and a 4G LTE version. An add-on UHF RFID Gun will also be available for applications where UHF RFID is required (for example, for locating clothing in retail or assets and patients in healthcare). This Impinj Indy R2000 reader has a range of 6 meters and an excellent reading speed of 900 tags per second.

More info about the Point Mobile PM30 will follow soon. Please contact Eutronix for availability, prices and demos.

Did you know that?
  • The PULS (Patches, Updates and Lifetime Support) program from Point Mobile guarantees that the Android devices will be provided with Patches, Updates and Support for 7 years. Even if Android devices are declared End of Life after 5 years, these updates are provided for another 2 years.
  • All recent models of Point Mobile are part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program and therefore meet the requirements set by Google for business use.
  • The standard (and free) integrated Emkit software offers absolute added value for software partners, integrators and end users for securing, remotely managing and deploying the Point Mobile Android devices.
  • These software tools within Emkit are fully supported by Eutronix and our engineers, together with our software partners, can guide a complete process (from advice to after implementation) and, if desired, can take the entire staging off your hands.
  • The QMOSS service center (which is located at the same location as the Eutronix Mobility Competence Center in the Netherlands) is the certified service center for Europe.
  • The key to success is also partly determined by the intensive cooperation with Google, Qualcomm, Ingenico, Ivanti, Verifone and well-known MDM providers such as SOTI.


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