July 18, 2019

Go4Mobility will be Eutronix B.V. from the 1st of September

As of May 1st, 2019, Go4Mobility and Eutronix N.V. have announced that they will join forces for the Dutch activities under the name Eutronix B.V. This results in the fact that the trusted name – Go4Mobility – will disappear after more than 13 years.

From the 1st of September we will assist you further under the name Eutronix B.V. The office address of our office remains the same and our new name and corporate identity can be seen in all correspondence and in our reports within the foreseeable future.

With the name change, we are taking the final formal step to become part of the Eutronix organization. We look with confidence to the future as a part of this beautiful organization and hope to be able to provide you with our services for a long time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why have Eutronix N.V. and Go4Mobility merged?

Go4Mobility has grown over the last 13 years into a well-known distributor with an extensive network of resellers / software partners and has thereby developed as a mobility specialist that offers more services than just providing mobile hardware.

Eutronix, based in Wavre, has become one of the leading hardware solutions companies since 1991. Eutronix specializes in the distribution of and service around electronic hardware solutions for the automation of various sectors, including logistics, retail, hospitality, health, leisure, public, industry and field service. The company is active in the Benelux and France.

By merging, both companies can make optimal use of each other’s technical and commercial expertise. Savings can be achieved by bundling purchasing forces and merging all logistics activities of both companies.


What is the new name of the company after the recent merger?

The new company name is per 1 September 2019: Eutronix B.V.


What is changing for me as a Go4Mobility reseller / partner after the change to Eutronix B.V.? And what is changing for current Eutronix N.V. resellers / partners within the Netherlands?

  • The product range and expertise that you know from Go4Mobility does not change in the short term. You can still go for the well-known brands.
  • For advice, projects, technical support demos and quotes you can still contact your regular contact persons.
  • The product range and expertise will be expanded with POS / Retail solutions and a number of employees who previously worked under the Eutronix N.V. have been added to the team in the Netherlands since the 1st of May.
  • The logistics department will be managed and executed in a short time from one location. All orders will be sent from the warehouse of Eutronix N.V. in Wavre, Belgium. From the warehouse in Wavre, resellers throughout the Benelux and France are supplied with deliveries. We will of course keep you informed when this change will take place.
  • Go4Mobility has also built up a large network of resellers / partners in Belgium over the years. Existing partners can continue to focus on Eutronix B.V. in the Netherlands and for them nothing changes here in the current working method and / or product range.
  • The Dutch customers of Eutronix N.V. will now be served from a representative office in Bosschenhoofd (the Netherlands) with an extensive knowledge of mobility and Auto-ID products and related services and services (such as Mobile Device Management and repair services). The office and service area in Bosschenhoofd also offers opportunities for resellers to organize (demo) sessions, schedule joint customer visits and receive advice on location.


Who is Go4Mobilty?

Go4Mobility was founded in 2006 and is an importer / distributor of rugged mobile hardware solutions that are suitable for business and industrial use. As a value-added distributor, Go4Mobility offers a variety of professional services related to the deployment of mobile services and various applications.


Who is Eutronix N.V.?

Eutronix N.V. was founded in 1991 and has grown steadily into one of the leading suppliers of hardware solutions in Belgium. The company is also active in France and the Netherlands and specializes in solutions for electronic automation equipment for various sectors such as transport and logistics, retail, hospitality, healthcare, leisure, the public sector, industry, field service and construction, with a consolidated turnover of € 26 million in 2018.

What distinguishes Eutronix N.V. from the competition are the services that they offer their partners and end users, and the support in projects with a service level that goes well beyond providing hardware.

View the Eutronix N.V. website here: http://www.eutronix.eu/

More information about the merger between Eutronix N.V. and Go4Mobility?

Feel free to contact your contact person for more information.