Repair services


For various brands that Eutronix delivers the service is done in our own repair center.

  • Professional repair room.
  • Officially certified service center (for various brands).
  • Officially certified and trained staff.
  • Equipped with professional and modern equipment.
  • Use of original spare parts.
  • Possibility of full service contracts.
  • Service contracts including full coverage and fast return time.
  • Online portal for registration and status updates (24/7) of RMA’s.



Repareren van mobiele hardware



support services

Technical support


As a value added distributor, Eutronix acts as a point of contact for our manufacturers when it comes to technical issues.

  • Answering technical questions.
  • Analyzing and solving support issues in the pre-sales phase, at implementation and after rollout.
  • Providing software development kits and OS / firmware upgrades.
  • Help and advice on implementing Auto ID (Barcode scanning, RFID, card readers) functionality in your software.

Use of service & support portal


  • 24/7 insight into the status of repairs and support issues.
  • Repairs and support issues are logged through the portal.
  • The user receives a packet (RMA slip) which can be sent back with the defective device.
  • Pickup with UPS (if in service contract).
  • Automatic serial number recognition (but not in service contract).
  • Communication through messages with the support engineers.
  • Automatic real-time notifications when status changes.
  • The user can decide which notifications one wishes to receive.
  • Possibility to approve or reject bids for repairs.
  • Overview lists and reports are available from all repairs.
  • Details are available from any repair.
  • Multi language (Dutch / English / German).

qmoss portal

Rollout and staging services


For complete disassembly and use of mobile devices, Eutronix offers additional services:

  • Software installation
  • Configuration and testing
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Inserting the SIM card
  • Removal of PIN code
  • Turn-key delivery
  • Etc.

Full service contracts

Eutronix understands that mobile hardware plays a key role in your ability to keep your business running efficiently and your customers happy. When devices need repair, you need a reliable and affordable way to repair and return them to your workforce.

For most of the products within our product range Eutronix offers a complete service plan offerings that you can choose in addition to our standard warranty. There are possibilities for extended warranty but also for a comprehensive QMOSS+ (Enterprise and Premium) service contract.


Advantages from a service contract:

  • Eliminates the costs of damage caused by
    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Accidental breakage
  • Fast turnaround time guaranteed.
  • Protection against unexpected repair costs.
  • Multi-year coverage extends the life time of your device.
  • Multi-year coverage lowers the Total Costs of Ownership from your device.
  • Full unburdening of your repair process and that from your customer.

 The possibilities for a service contract (and content) are different for each product.

Please contact Eutronix for an advise and explanation on the possibilities.