Eutronix collaboration MCS for Private LTE solution
Eutronix and MCS have entered into a strategic partnership. Especially for the healthcare sector, this offers an innovative, smart and
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Ultra Rugged Android 9 Tablet: RuggON PA-501
The RuggON PA-501 is the third tablet in the Rextorm series. Featured performance, Ultra Rugged, a variety of professional accessories
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From Windows Mobile to Android? Why and how?
  Almost all mobile Windows variants are already or will be announced end-of-life soon. Organizations must therefore look for a
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Powerful and multifunctional Android PDA: M3 Mobile SM15
  The M3 Mobile SM15 is a unique solution which, in addition to the excellent performance specifications, also has Auto-ID (Barcode / RFID) functionalities
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Android Enterprise Recommended
  The Android Enterprise Recommended program from Google makes it easier to select, manage and protect your Android device and offers a future-proof solution for the
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Go4Mobility will be Eutronix B.V. from 1st of September
  As of May 1st, 2019, Go4Mobility and Eutronix N.V. have announced that they will join forces for the Dutch
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