Opportunities for innovative healthcare organizations: MCS certifies Point Mobile Smartphones on Private LTE (4G) network

Eutronix and MCS have entered into a strategic partnership. Especially for the healthcare sector, this offers an innovative, smart and secure solution in the area of ​​Private LTE (4G) networks.

Private LTE (4G) network with “Smartphones care”

In healthcare, employees are often equipped with various devices (landline telephone, beeper, radio) to optimally perform their work and services. Current systems are being replaced by Smartphones due to the “mobile unless” principle. The use of these devices is now becoming more convenient and practical. All necessary functionalities are present on one device, such as alarms, calling, internet, multifactor authentication and loading rack detection.

The Private LTE network (4G) ensures that mission-critical applications can be handled safely, quickly and always, without being dependent on a WiFi network. The Point Mobile Smartphones are equipped with extra useful tools specifically for the healthcare sector, such as an emergency alarm button, handy belt clip clips and loading racks to recharge the devices after the service. A device management system ensures that the customer always has the latest, secure updates. In this way a solution is created for the healthcare sector that can meet all the set standards (for example NEN2575).

About MCS

“Our mission is to make people’s daily work and lives better and more fun with our solutions. We make complex technology simple. With impact for everyone ”. MCS specializes in Managed Private IoT networks, such as Private GSM, Private LTE (4G) and Private LoRa. Thanks to technical support in the pre-process, during export and after delivery (in the form of 24 * 7 SLAs), the customer is relieved. MCS facilitates its partner channel with training and support to successfully roll out the Private LTE (4G) technology. More than 400 Private Mobile networks have been delivered and installed by MCS together with its partners.

About Eutronix B.V.

As a distributor of robust mobile hardware, Auto-ID and Point of Sales solutions, its mission is to offer mobile IT tools and services tailored to them that make companies more efficient, effective and successful. Eutronix B.V. (Netherlands) customers have access to specialized suppliers and a wide range of products and services, including Point Mobile’s Smartphones.

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