September 5, 2019

How and why would you switch from the ever so popular Windows CE / Embedded Handheld to Android? Flawless migaration of your mobile Barcode Scanners, PDAs and Handhelds with Eutronix B.V.


For many organizations, a migration from Windows Mobile or Embedded versions to Android is imminent or people are busy finding the right company for this. Basically all Windows Mobile variants are already or will be announced end-of-life soon, and that’s why organizations need to take a closer look at alternatives.

The choice to work with Android is fairly obvious. In addition, choosing the right company who can develop, deliver and implement the WMS software or business application is a very important choice. Do you have to develop yourself or purchase existing software?

Acceptance of the user interface and the convenience of the right hardware solutions which will be used are important choices for a good performance of the working environment. Obviously, the use of the right accessories is just as important in order to promote ease of work.

Eutronix B.V. is, as an importer / distributor of robust mobile hardware solutions, the partner that gladly advises, thinks along and supports. In the triptych; customer, software developer / supplier and hardware advisor, the best solution can be found in a process. With the possibility to test devices during a pilot phase, potential problems can be identified.

Why work this way? Acceptance is important for processes to work optimally, and satisfied employees who can work pleasantly with the tools. Eutronix B.V. has a large network of manufacturers with good products, good service and support, Dutch and English support and a repair center in the Netherlands which ensures optimum deployment of the devices.

Eutronix B.V. also advises on the most suitable Mobile Device Management software. This allows you to easily provide your own IT or facilities department with optimum support, perform updates, and makes management much easier.

Are you looking for a partner who would be happy to advise you on the most suitable mobile hardware solutions? Contact us for advice free of obligation!

Are you looking for advice free of obligation?

Please contact us, we're glad to help!