8 August 2019


Android Enterprise Recommended makes it easier to select, manage and protect your Android device and offers a future-proof solution for the coming years.


With the arrival of the open source operating system Android, the market for Mobility and Auto-ID devices has been evaluated in recent years and with that the choice for Enterprise solutions has grown. An overwhelming range of mobile devices has entered the Enterprise market, resulting in a wide range of devices and the entry of lesser-known brands (and consumer devices) into the business market.

Reason for Google to create the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) program especially for the business market, in which requirements have been established that mobile devices must meet according to Google. In 2014, Google already launched this program, which at the time was still known as Android for Work under the Android Lollipop (5.0) platform. Within this Android for Work, the possibility was created to distinguish between personal and business data on your mobile device within this improved framework and, in addition, enabled improved security.

In 2019, this program developed further into a complete Android program that focuses on selecting future-proof devices with a focus on security updates, system updates, performance specifications and integrated software for simplifying business mobile use such as deployment services via QR code, NFC and Zero Touch enrollment.

A number of important requirements for robust Android Enterprise Recommended devices:

  • Minimum Android version 7 and the possibility for a Major OS upgrade to at least one version higher (for example from Android 7 to Android 8 or from Android 8 to Android 9). A small number of devices within the Android Enterprise Recommended program nowadays even offer the option of upgrading to 2 versions higher. The ability to do this depends on the extent to which the integrated chipset supports the Android version.
  • Security updates available within 90 days and guaranteed for a period of 5 years from the device launch date.
  • Minimum performance (2GB RAM / 16GB ROM, 1.1 Ghz clock speed of the CPU) and robustness specifications (IP-54, MIL-STD-810G, 1.2 meter drop test).
  • A professional set of management functions for implementation and management of mobile devices. An example of this are (often free of charge) integrated software tools for easy and fast configuration of a device, pre-installed device agents for linking to known EMM solutions (such as SOTI Mobicontrol), the possibility to lock the device in a kiosk browser or even by configuring the devices primarily through advanced Zero-Touch enrollment.
  • Click here for a complete overview of the requirements for Android Enterprise Recommended.

Eutronix is proud that various devices within the product range are included in the Android Enterprise Recommended program from Google. View the selection here:


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